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1988-1990- Sculpture, series. Polyester, fibres, kozo paper.
Diam 20/40 x h 280/350 cm
Through long periods my work has been dealing with frail shell forms and

Black Cubes

1990- Sculpture, series. Cotton thread, fibres, cellulose glue.
25 x 25 x 25, ­ 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Echoes of fishing nets and crab pots.  One inside the other like Russian


1997, Gjertrud Hals and Helga Bøe
Sculpture. Linen thread, flax fibres and rabbit skin glue.
85 x 185 x 185, 2 parts.
Another  monumental  geometric work from the “blue period”.


2008- Sculpture, 4 parts. Branches,twigs, thread, beard lichen, epoxy.
Diam 150, d 40 cm.
The vessel in a new shape. The title, Urd, refers to one of the
goddesses in Norse  mythology.


2008- Sculpture, series. Kozo paper, cellulose glue.
9 x 5, d 4 cm
Kami is the Japanese word for spirits, natural forces or essence in the
Shinto faith.


2014-2015- 80-100(h)x95(diam) cm.
Natural fibres and resin, knitted.


2006-2014- Sculpture, series. Roots, wire, fibres 20-25 cm
I have moved towards using nature more directly in my artwork.
I seek to make connections between history and present, between different cultures and
between culture and nature. PAIR also deals with modern mans place in nature, where
organic structures link up with human forms

Dream Net


Fiberglas thread, silk thread, epoxy. Ca 200×200 cm, varying length.

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