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Sub Rosa


250 x 150 cm Recycled and found objects pinned on the wall; wood, paper pulp.



150×150 cm Recycled and found objects pinned on the wall; plastic, wood, iron wire. paper pulp.   



ca 250 x 260 cm Handspun wool, silk, beard lichen.

The artwork USNEA is made of hand-spun wool, silk and beard lichen( Usnea). Usnea is one of the most unique organisms on the planet. It is known as natural antibiotic and has been used medicinally for at least a thousand years. Usnea is also very sensitive to environmental disturbances, especially air pollution, and is thus nature’s own sensor. So my work is both a tribute to nature and a reminder of human dependence on it .



Metal wire, cotton fabric, glue, paper pulp, silk threads.

I am seeking to create ties between past and the present, between culture and nature. Many of the archaic myths deal with the collision of chaos and order. Archetypes like the snake, the tree of life and the cross are found in many cultures, symbolizing human beings experience with chaos and order in the world. IRMIN is an ancient Saxon word and is synonymous with the snake Jormundgandr, the giant sea serpent surrounding Midgard, the world of mortal men in Norse mythology. It may also be connected with the tree of life, Yggdrasil.

Ode to the roots



135 x 230 cm. Network/ tapestry. Linen thread, dyed beard lichen.

Inspired by the Shinto temples that gradually become overgrown with moss and the forest, before being finally reclaimed by nature.

Insects (fantasy-creatures)


6-15 cm Objects, work in progress. Found objects, wire, fibres.

I have always been fascinated by the “small things ” in nature



Diam 200 cm Objects, work in progress.

With the number of things happening in world today, it feels right to focus
on a small segment by conserving a part of it.

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