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Size: 150 x 150 cm. Copper wire and various metal items, like metal capsules on wine bottles.

The Greek word«Enigma» means to «speak in riddles». This work of art is also mysterious and difficult to explain..It consists of quite different pieces, like metal capsules from wine bottles, figures cut out of aluminum foil, and various found objects.



Size: 16 x 26 cm, series. Steel thread, steel and aluminium items

In between I make tests and smaller works. These works are with metal scraps: aluminum trash, figures cut out of beer cans, besides found objects. There are bits and pieces, each with their own story.

Tempus Fugit


Size: 150 x 200 cm. Copper wire and metal items, like remains from old watches. Knitting and plaiting.

The Latin expression «Tempus Fugit»is pointing to the time that flies, and is often seen as embossing on watches.



Size: 156 x 156 cm. Copper wire, metal objects. Knitting and plaiting.

In the folk tales animals often have human characteristics and communicate with the people, that this fabel with whales, bears, wolves and moose gives a hint about.



Size: 245 x 120 Copper wire, metal object. Knitting and plaiting

In life we meet a cross when we have to choose between several directions, and it is a frequently used symbol in folklore and belief.
In Scandinavian folk art the cross with four equal arms was often on bridal coverlets or cloths that were used at rites of christening and burial. Such crosses are known to several pre-Christian cultures. I have also often seen them, with various additions, on my Orient travels.
Some scholars in these fields point at the static energy and the harmony of the equal arm cross, and consider it a sacral crossroad of vertical and horizontal dimensions, or even a symbol of «the sacred place « itself.

Pilgrim Kirin


Size: 110×110 Material: Copper wire, metal objects.

In 2007 I went, with two colleges, on a pilgrimage, in Japan. We planned to walk on foot to the 88 Zen-Buddhist temples on Shikoku. However, after 24 temples, I strained my legs, and had to continue on my own by bus, train and careful walking. I got plenty of time to look around and pick up interesting items, like tabs from beverage cans. The Coca-Cola and Kirin (Japanese beer) vending-machines were everywhere, also in the temples. In retrospect they stand before me as inseparable parts of the sacred temples!

Pilgrim Folk


Size: 45×75 Material: Copper wire, aluminium objects.

As a pilgrim you meet all sort of people: men and women, young and old, local people and travelers, priests and beggars. In this piece of art I have cut some profiles of people I have met, out of coca-cola and beer-cans.

Pilgrim Henro


Size: 90×100 Material: Copper wire, metal objects.

To be a Henro, a pilgrim, means to follow the footsteps of Kobo-Daishi, the founder of Japanese Zen-Buddhism. You visit the old esoteric temples and historical villages and go back in time to the quiet, ancient Japan. For me it was a meeting with a foreign, strong culture and rich traditions, but also a meeting with my «deeper self», in this artwork all linked together.



Size: 175 X 275 Knitted copper wire, metal objects.

After my parents died, in 2013 and 2017, I wanted to make a memorial piece. My father worked with metal his whole life, making and installing engines for fishing boats. As knitting was my mothers favorite hobby, REQUIEM was made of knitted copper wire from my fathers metal workshop. It was combined with small items from their estate, as well as ring-pull tabs from beverage cans.

Libra 1 and Libra 2


125 x 125 cm Iron wire, copper wire, metal objects. Knitting and plaiting.

I am using everyday material like buttons and ring-pull tabs from beverage cans, together with watch and jewelry items. They are all integrated into my web. Elevating the status of these man-made objects from worthless to worthwhile gives me comfort and joy!



62 x 84 cm Copper wire, metal objects. Kitting and plaiting.

A small artwork that I made while I waited for my 7th grandchild to be born, her name is Tori.



Size: 100 x 120 Various metal wire, metal items. Plaiting.

Gemini was the first work made in in the «metal wire plaiting « technique. After my father died in 2013, I had to go through his belongings. He had been a mechanic and a metal worker, and in his workshop there was a lot of different wires and small metal objects. I got the idea to make something out of it, and started piecing the items together.



50×120 cm Metal thread, plaited, metal objects.

Like gathering worldwide myths and experiences, collecting material and objects is an important part of my work process.
The recycle place reminds me a lot of the factory where my father and grandfather worked as mechanics, making and installing engines for fishing boats. There was a huge contrast between the dirty, gloomy locality and the shiny copper, bronze and steel that they were working with.
I pick the reddish wire from the electric cables and the dark colored from dynamos and motors. It makes me think of the copper material itself, being the first metal manipulated by humans. All the striving, the labor that has been done, and the technology that has been developed to produce this material fills me with awe and a feeling of being a part of it.
I like to think that when the material is removed from its context, some of its original spirit is remaining. There is a process, labor and history in the metal materials that inspire and gives meaning.
I am also using other low-valued material, like ring-pull tabs from beverage cans. They are made of aluminum. From being considered a precious metal that was even more valuable than gold, aluminum is today a cheap and frequently used material.
I work on the tabs with a hammer, like a goldsmith making a bracelet. Through this process, I want to have my work carry the power and the beauty that I find in these materials.
Elevating the status of the man-made objects from worthless to worthwhile gives me comfort and joy!

Stars still shining


250 x 250 cm Buttons, paljets, metal thread.

When we look into the night sky we are seeing the light of billions of stars, overwhelming in number. It is also overwhelming to reflect on their distance from the earth.
Many of the stars we see are already dead, but are still shining. So we are looking into the past..

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