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Pilgrim Kirin

Wall hanging,consist of 7 parts.
Size: 110×110 / crated 20,5 x 19,5 x 8 cm.
Material: Copper wire, metal objects.

Pilgrim Folk

Wall hanging.
Size: 45×75 / crated 51 x 30 x2 cm.
Material: Copper wire, aluminium objects.

Pilgrim Henro

Wall hanging.
Size: 90×100 / crated 96 x 30 x 2 cm.
Material: Copper wire, metal objects.


2016-62 x 84 cm

Copper wire, metal objects.Kitting and plaiting.

A small artwork that I made while I waited for my 7th grandchild to be born, her name is Tori.


2016- 100×120 cm
Metal thread, plaited, metal objects.


2016- 50×120 cm
Metal thread, plaited, metal objects.gemini


2017- 175 X 275

Knitted copper wire, metal objects.

After my parents died, in 2013 and 2017, I wanted to make a memorial piece.

My father worked with metal his whole life, making and installing engines for fishing boats.

Libra 1 and Libra 2

2017- 125 x 125 cm

Iron wire, copper wire, metal objects. Knitting and plaiting.

I am using everyday material like buttons and ring-pull tabs from beverage cans, together with watch and jewelry items. They are all integrating into my nets. Elevating the status of these man-made objects from worthless to worthwhile gives me comfort and joy!

Star still shining

2014- Buttons, paljets, metal thread. 250 x 250 cm
When looking at the stars, we are looking into the past. Many of the stars we see at night
are already dead, but are still shining..

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