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White night


200 x 200 cm Sculpture/ installation. Twisted metal wire and balls made of cotton, covered with paper pulp.

The title White Night refers to the time around the summer solstice in June, near the Arctic Circle, when the sunsets are late and the sunrises are early. The darkness is never complete and the twilight is lasting all night, which gives a magical atmosphere.

Tela Organic


300 x 300 cm . Metal wire, balls made of wool and cotton thread. Sprayed with liquified paper pulp. Tela Organic was made for a private commission.



200 x 300 cm Metal wire, balls made of wool and cotton thread. Sprayed with liquified paper pulp, 50 layers.

The word TELA comes from latin, understood as «a weblike structure or membrane». The artwork TELA is in the flow zone between art, nature and science, in a space that does not respect the boundaries between them, as a network of thoughts and emotions.

Vena Cuprum


200 x 400 cm Twisted iron wire covered with paper pulp, 30 layers. Twisted with copper wire.

The copper wire used in this project is found on the local recycle place for metal; shiny reddish wire from electric cables and dark colored from dynamos and motors. It makes me think of the copper material itself, being the first metal manipulated by humans. All the striving, and labour that has been done, and technology that has been developed to produce this material, fills me with awe and a strong feeling of being a part of it.


From Vesalius


Different sizes :100 x 100 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 300 x 300 cm Metal wire structures sprayed with at least 50 layers of liquified, dyed paper pulp.

In the beginning it was called FROM VESALIUS, referring to the 16th century Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius, well known for his anatomy drawings in «De humani corpus fabrica.» I was trying to make an arterial system, that I wanted to be an open structure. At the same time it should allude an enclosed circuit; the circulation system.
Later I found the term INSULA, that encompass several meanings. It is the latin word for island, and it also may refer to Insular Cortex, a central structure deep inside the brain. It is believed to be involved with consciousness and plays a role in diverse functions, usually linked to emotions and perception of ourselves as isolated creatures, and to our consciousness of the «self». At the same time INSULA has a reference to «the island» and a resemblance to coral reefs, another of my favorite themes.

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